IHM Endowment Fund

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A Little Background on the Immaculate Heart of Mary Endowment Fund for Catholic Education:

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Endowment Fund was established in May of 1992 after Pastor
Robert Gille determined that monies donated as memorials had grown to the point that such a
fund was feasible.   Fr. Gille asked parishioners Dan Coyne, Joe Gogola, Loyal Sargent, Tony
Bonano and Jim Busse to develop the decree.   Working over a period of several months, the
committee reviewed other parish endowments and it was determined the best use of the IHM
endowment was to limit its use “to support and assist Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in its
religious education mission by providing supplemental funding of programs and
services.”  Further, the decree dictated the fund was “To operate exclusively for religious
education purposes.” The original $32,000 deposit into the endowment fund primarily came
from donations to the parish in memory of Msgr. Edward Bier who was IHM pastor from 1968-
1985.   (More information on the history of IHM can be found here.)
Today, over $160,000 has been distributed from the IHM Endowment Fund for Catholic Education to IHM School and
parish religious education programs.  This list is a sample of some of the projects that have been funded over the years:

-School Tuition Assistance Scholarships
-School Faculty and Parish Staff Retreats
-Faith-Based Curriculum Materials for the School and Religious Education Programs
-Mission Trips
-Sacramental Preparation Materials
-Religious Education and Adult Faith Formation Materials

IHM Endowment Fund FAQ

Here you can find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about the IHM Endowment Fund.

What is the goal of the IHM Endowment Fund?

The goal is to provide a stable source of additional income for the IHM parish religious education programs including assisting the IHM school as well as youth and adult parish religious education programs.

Why do we have an endowment?

One key to maintaining viable religious education programs at IHM is to be strong financially.  A vibrant endowment helps provide a stable source of income that we can rely on, literally forever.

What is the value of the Fund?

As of November 2017 – the current value of the fund is over $1,000,000.

How does an endowment work?

The money that is contributed to the endowment is invested, and a portion of the income that the investments earn will be distributed to programs and materials for IHM school and religious education programs. The principal is left untouched to grow.

How much income does the parish/school receive from the endowment?

Each year, the IHM Endowment Board determines the amount that can be distributed based on a formula established by the Endowment Board. Typically, this has been in the $15,000-$20,000 range.

How are funds requested from the Endowment Fund?

Each year the school principal and other staff and volunteers working in religious education programs are invited to submit project proposals to the Endowment Board for consideration and approval.

What types of religious education projects are typically funded by the Endowment?

Example projects:

  1. Tuition supported scholarships to assist IHM school students
  2. Subsidies for education training for staff and volunteers
  3. New education materials for children and adult programs
  4. Underwriting the cost of promotional campaigns such as school enrollment

Who manages the Endowment Fund?

The IHM Endowment Board is made up of parish members appointed by the Pastor who work with a professional investment advisor to manage the fund.

Can the principal in the endowments be removed by the parish?

The funds deposited into the endowment are meant to stay there permanently, in perpetuity. Only the income of the endowment investments can be used and distributed and that amount is limited according to an established formula

 How can I give to the Endowment Fund?

It is as simple as writing a check and filling out the donation form and sending them both to IHM Endowment Fund, 5101 Schofield Street, Monona, WI 53716

Can I honor loved ones with memorial and tribute gifts to the Endowment?

We are grateful to receive gifts in honor or memory of IHM alumni, parents, grandparents and friends. When you make a tax-deductible memorial or tribute gift, we’ll send a note to the family of the person being honored or memorialized. It’s a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking about them.  You may designate gifts ‘In Memory Of’, ‘In Honor Of’ or ‘In Celebration Of.’ Many families choose to name the Endowment as a beneficiary ‘in lieu of flowers’ when a loved one passes away. Others honor a friend or family member for a special event such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. There is no minimum amount to establish an honor/memorial tribute. All donations may be acknowledged in the parish bulletin and annual Endowment Fund donor newsletter, if desired.

How do I include IHM in our will, estate plan, and/or living trust?

No matter your personal situation, married or single, older generation approaching retirement or younger generation with a young, growing family- an estate plan or will is something that can benefit everyone. These documents will greatly help your family by giving them direction and letting them know your wishes.  A simple, flexible and versatile way to ensure the future for the next generation of IHM parishioners is a gift in your will/estate plan or living trust, known as a charitable bequest. A charitable bequest is one or two sentences in your will/estate plan or living trust that you’d like to give to the IHM Endowment; it is either a set amount of money or a percentage of your estate.  By including a bequest to IHM in your will/estate plan or living trust, you support Catholic education efforts at the parish for years to come.

Please call the parish office for more information or assistance in including IHM in your estate plan. 608-221-1521