Giving to Our Parish


Parish Contributions support the mission and ministries of our parish and school.  “Tithing” is the expectation to offer a portion (typically 10%) of your income in thanksgiving back to God.  Although Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church does not ask for 10%, we do ask you to consider how much you would like to give back to God through your parish contributions, and to consider at least a gift of 2% to 5% of your gross income.

For those who would like to give using Electronic Funds Transfer (a monthly automatic deduction from your checking or savings account), our application form is available below.

You must print the form, fill it out, then return it in an envelope in the regular collection, by mail, or by hand-delivering it to the parish office.  It may also be e-mailed to ihmoffice@ihmparish.org.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
5101 Schofield Street, Monona, WI  53716